Courage, Dear Heart

Still on the theme of pressing the pause button as we come out of lockdown. (My life is generally in transition right now and it may be a lot easier for me to pause than for many readers.) How has pausing impacted me? Today we paused to chat with our local park keeper. He pointed... Continue Reading →

Compass: A Prayer of Thanks

Anne Lamott tells us that there are basically only 3 prayers: Help, Thanks, Wow This is (mostly) from Christine Rigden. Compass Thankyou Lord for being the firm centre of my world I may dash here and there to listen, hug and comfort, write or pray - But always circle back again to home, and you.... Continue Reading →


I was asked a little while ago to share the story of my life; I started writing things down trying to recover memories from childhood and beyond. I'm aged 8 or 9; a tiny fragment appears at this point: a man answering my knock on his door says with a laugh, ’No, only the rags... Continue Reading →

Listening to my Life

A small group of us have been Zooming once a week during the various lockdowns. An idea which came up was for each of us to tell the story of our life. I didn’t much respond to this; I couldn’t imagine how my life could possibly interest anyone.When my turn came I dutifully sat down... Continue Reading →

Fresh start for Daryl

So, for every one of us it’s been quite a year. For me, a year of enormous change. 25 years ago I took redundancy and went off to start a business. I spent the last 10 years trying and failing to work out an exit strategy. The last few years were particularly turbulent, a story... Continue Reading →

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