Lockdown and Weight Gain

Apparently half of us have put on weight in the various lockdowns. That means half of my readers might welcome me gently opening up the subject. When Millie, our Pom-chi guard dog, arrived early last year the big bonus was, with all the extra walking, me losing half a stone. Until one day, on our... Continue Reading →


I was asked a little while ago to share the story of my life; I started writing things down trying to recover memories from childhood and beyond. I'm aged 8 or 9; a tiny fragment appears at this point: a man answering my knock on his door says with a laugh, ’No, only the rags... Continue Reading →

Listening to my Life

A small group of us have been Zooming once a week during the various lockdowns. An idea which came up was for each of us to tell the story of our life. I didn’t much respond to this; I couldn’t imagine how my life could possibly interest anyone.When my turn came I dutifully sat down... Continue Reading →

Fresh start for Daryl

So, for every one of us it’s been quite a year. For me, a year of enormous change. 25 years ago I took redundancy and went off to start a business. I spent the last 10 years trying and failing to work out an exit strategy. The last few years were particularly turbulent, a story... Continue Reading →

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