Fresh start for Daryl

So, for every one of us it’s been quite a year. For me, a year of enormous change. 25 years ago I took redundancy and went off to start a business. I spent the last 10 years trying and failing to work out an exit strategy. The last few years were particularly turbulent, a story in itself. Suffice to say that it was high time I untangled. I took advice from a small number of trusted friends. The advice was mixed but overall it was clear that change was overdue. Then right out of the blue my eldest daughter Debs and James her husband made me an offer to take over. Any other time they wouldn’t have considered it, but they were at their own crossroads; it was exactly the right time for all of us, an answer to all our prayers.

They took control in the Spring just before the first lockdown. Both the lockdown and the change in ownership have led to major changes. We’ve left our office, said goodbye to 7 team members and welcomed 10 more, there are now 17 of us all told. When I say ‘we’, I’m no longer on payroll and have no executive authority. They still need me though, at least until everyone gets up to speed, which ain’t going to take that long judging by the enthusiasm and skills they’ve brought with them.

So what will I be doing, without all this to keep me busy? Someone suggested an extended cruise but that’s out for the foreseeable future. Probably longer given we acquired Millie. She’s mostly Chihuahua, with a bit of Pomeranian and possibly fox. She’s done an excellent job of training us, didn’t even need to take us to classes.

I’ve also managed to breakthrough on the catering front. My aubergine and chickpea curry, made from scratch got good marks, as did my Brazilian fish stew.What else is on the agenda? I hope to gradually move into a more reflective phase (Anita says ‘lazy’ is a better description.) What the new normal will look like is pretty much anyone’s guess. I’ve made many many friends in the charity world over the last 25 years, and I’d like to have a shot at trying to encourage those I’m still in touch with as they face an uncertain future. I shan’t presume to forecast what lies ahead, but I can be on the look out for the signs of Spring, the opportunities that will emerge, and warn about the threats that lie in wait for the unwary. Hopefully, I’ll have the time for this, especially if this lockdown continues

A New Year Reflection

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  1. Good thing about dinosaurs like you & me we keep going, but the pace is slower but the heart keeps beating for things we hold precious. Take care my good buddy, God only has children not grandchildren so retirement isn’t part of the package, but redirection & regrouping is. I’m a big believer in grace & measure.

    God gives us the grace for the measure of our call, but when the call runs out so does the grace to do it. Things we didn’t bother about now bother us, as do people, this is part of Gods dislodging so we can be free to receive fresh calling. As your quote says theres a time, as Christians we often miss that reality & feel were there for good, but not usually the case. I’m excited for you to see what the next journey is for my friend, build Him a platform of expectancy & He will land on it to show you the way. Praise the Lord for His care & love for you. God bless Nigel

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    1. You’re a wise old bird, sorry dinosuar Nigel and I’ll take them to heart. It’s been such a pleasure to renew our friendship. Men like you are rare; you inspire me in so many ways.


  2. Interesting and brings back so many memories for us. I wonder if you remember the time I worked for you at the Halifax. A memory for me from there was the time a member of staff got so drunk he had to be carried out. I’m writing this with a copy of your booklet Serendipities on a shelf opposite. Blessings to you and Anita. Barbara Rogerson

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    1. I’d completely forgotten you worked for me for a bit. Yes. I still dip into Serendipities. I remember you coming up to Hamble to catsit a few years back. There are 8 people and 5 cats living there these days. I’m in regular touch with John. His faithfulness towards Christine is amazing, such an inspiration. Love to you both from me and Anita.


  3. Hi Daryl.
    Great to read this. Such an encouragement for Phil and I as we are trying to work on an exit strategy for our business but it all seems impossible at the moment.
    Looking forward to following your reflections and really wanting the recipe for the Brazilian fish curry.
    Love to you both
    April and Phil

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    1. Lovely to hear from you guys. Been such a long time. It took me 10 years to exit. But the business was so damaged by people I trusted that this is the only solution that would have worked. And it’s given me a future role while it settles. I’ll gladly join my prayers with yours for your own business. I have photographed the recipe. If you want it send me your mobile number. Where are you church-wise? Go well.


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