Courage, Dear Heart

Still on the theme of pressing the pause button as we come out of lockdown. (My life is generally in transition right now and it may be a lot easier for me to pause than for many readers.) How has pausing impacted me? Today we paused to chat with our local park keeper. He pointed... Continue Reading →

Pausing my Life

The thought of pressing pause came to me following a discussion last week with someone we were working with. Some glitches had arisen; we wanted to find a way through; it was decided to pause, take stock and re-group.. The verb to pause is lovely, full of meaning and gentleness. It’s not harsh and confrontational like... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Laid in the Tomb; in Him All Love is Found

Here at the centre everything is stillBefore the stir and movement of our griefWhich bears its pain with rhythm, ritual,Beautiful useless gestures of relief.So they anoint the skin that cannot feelSoothing his ruined flesh with tender care,Kissing the wounds they know they cannot heal,With incense scenting only empty air.He blesses every love that weeps and... Continue Reading →

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