Slow me Down Lord

Millie, our little Pom-chi has done a thoroughly good job of training us. She tells us clearly what time we have to get up in the morning; 7.30. She tells me when it’s time to take to the streets towards the end of the evening. Just twenty minutes left of Vera, but no, it’s time... Continue Reading →

Making Friends on the Street

When Millie takes me on our daily expeditions we never quite know who we're going to meet. On my own I'd be a sad old man to be avoided but accompanying a dog gives you an opening into people's lives. I might stop and chat with Frank who likes to sit outside of an evening... Continue Reading →

Trees Clapping Hands

Even at my great age, or perhaps because of it I'm still on a pretty steep learning curve, learning things I never imagined could be so. Some years ago Prince Charles revealed that he regularly talks to the trees under his care, Much derided at the time, he was looked on indulgently as an eccentric... Continue Reading →

Courage, Dear Heart

Still on the theme of pressing the pause button as we come out of lockdown. (My life is generally in transition right now and it may be a lot easier for me to pause than for many readers.) How has pausing impacted me? Today we paused to chat with our local park keeper. He pointed... Continue Reading →

Compass: A Prayer of Thanks

Anne Lamott tells us that there are basically only 3 prayers: Help, Thanks, Wow This is (mostly) from Christine Rigden. Compass Thankyou Lord for being the firm centre of my world I may dash here and there to listen, hug and comfort, write or pray - But always circle back again to home, and you.... Continue Reading →


I was asked a little while ago to share the story of my life; I started writing things down trying to recover memories from childhood and beyond. I'm aged 8 or 9; a tiny fragment appears at this point: a man answering my knock on his door says with a laugh, ’No, only the rags... Continue Reading →

Listening to my Life

A small group of us have been Zooming once a week during the various lockdowns. An idea which came up was for each of us to tell the story of our life. I didn’t much respond to this; I couldn’t imagine how my life could possibly interest anyone.When my turn came I dutifully sat down... Continue Reading →

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