What Colour(s) are You

It’s a while since I wrote something. Sometimes with so much going on, it’s hard to know just what to say. A dear friend has in his training armoury a decent understanding of colour personality profiling; red, blue, green, yellow. Your ‘colour’, can help you understand who you are and how you relate to others. It’s especially useful building teams. It can also help you understand other people.

Team leaders are usually red. I’m sure I once had a lot more red that I have now. Perhaps your colour mix can change with age. These days I’m mostly green. That makes me a bridge builder. Believe me it can get you into a lot of trouble. Right now I’m convalescing from what seems in retrospect to have been a misguided attempt to bring a couple of reds together. What was I thinking of!

None of us are all one colour of course; we’re generally a mixture; this mixture can often be situational. A word to the reds among us. You’re usually the one out in front, blazing the trail, taking risks. Build your team well. Make sure you have critical friends around you; people who will put their arm round you and tell you the truth without being judgemental. Ignore them at your peril. 

Right now I’m standing in the shadows of a situation where a charity leader has been suspended because of events that took place more than ten years ago. He’s pretty much all red; he’s done some tremendous work over the years; I hope he can find a way through. This will depend on many things. Being mostly green I believe in reconciliation, forgiveness and healing. The conditions will have to be right for that to take place. If you know the people involved hold them in your prayers. This is my prayer today for all those involved in a desperately sad situation, and for all the situations that my readers and those they love are grappling with.

Loose our chains Lord

This morning, and all mornings, as we face the day

daunted by expectations others placed upon us,

weighed down by burdens, unsure of outcomes,

opposed, alone, afraid;

remind us that you faced all this and more,

that we might loose these chains that bind us,

and rise above and beyond the troubles of this world, and know peace.

To the one who has overcome we bring our thanks and praise.

©John Birch, faithandworship.com

4 thoughts on “What Colour(s) are You

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  1. So interesting…yes we do need a lot more greens these days to help the reds see what it might look like when they get to a greater wiser age


  2. Hi Daryl really sorry but I won’t be able to make today as I have been up all night with a terrible cold. I will have to test today to see if it is the dreaded… really sorry and hope to catch up soon xx Carl

    Carl Wills: 07946445417



  3. Hi Daryl, this topic of yours caught my eye and made me pause on the quick scroll through my inbox the day it arrived! My speedy scroll saw Daryl Martin and your heading ‘What Colour/s are You?’ and I had to know what you were talking about and questioning. Although it isn’t how we ever use the word to describe ourselves my family are made up of various ‘colours’ and whatever it was I was working on that day intrigued me into knowing straight away what the relevance of your blog might be to my family and the work I do.
    I was way off track, out of sight in fact, but I enjoyed reading the blog and learnt something from it but still need to know – what are the colour personalities of blue and yellow?



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