A Day in my Life

One of my grandsons is about to undergo training to become a barber. The barber I’ve been using is a sadist. He claims to be from Turkey, He may be just saying that of course. When I started going to him he would give me a pretty decent haircut, then he would proceed without any by your leave to set fire to my ears. He did it quickly before damage was done. Burns away unwanted hairs apparently.

Today I went in, a few days overdue (a few weeks says Anita!). Possibly the ear burning process had gone wrong because they’d stuck a notice up declaring  that setting fire to ears was not covered by their insurance, and they would use hot wax in future. He asked if I wanted to have my ears hot waxed. I have to remove my hearing aids before a haircut, and tended to say yes to anything that was on offer so I agreed. He proceeded to apply a large gunk of what appeared to be very hot road tar, pressing it deep into my ears with great enthusiasm. He did the same with the outside of my nose. After wandering off for a few minutes to let the road tar harden he proceeded to yank it all off. Rather painful it was, bringing tears to my eyes, but my fear that I’d lose an ear or half a nose was not realised and the pain did subside after a while.

I then saw him advancing towards me holding an oversized cotton bud plastered with the black tar. ‘What fresh hell is this?’ I cried. Ignoring me he rammed it up a nostril as far as he could go, repeating the process with the other nostril, leaving me struggling to breathe. When he yanked out the cotton buds I was sure there would be blood, but no, he knew what he was doing. I staggered out of the shop, dazed, having tipped him generously out of relief at having escaped with my life. 

I’m going off for a lie down. I hope your training goes well James. I hope too that he has a strong stomach for this sort of thing and a steady hand.

I think one of Ted Loder’s prayers is appropriate. To be read slowly:

Precious Lord, Grant me a Sense of humour, that adds perspective to compassion,

gratitude, that adds persistence to courage

Quietness of spirit, that adds irrepressibility to hope

Openness of mind, that adds surprise to joy.

That with gladness of heart I may link arm, and aim with the One who saw the signs of your kingdom

In salt and yeast, pearls and seeds, travellers and tax collectors, sowers and harlots, foreigners and fishermen.

And who opens my eyes with these signs, and my ears with the summons to follow hard after the author of justice and joy.

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    1. Well he is a really good barber. My problem is that with a family member learning the trade they might expect me to change across. A All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. x


  1. I married a Hairdresser who then worked in Fashion Retail followed by Cosmetics & Perfumes and finally as a Pharmacist’s Dispensing Technician. So all my needs are met: I get free haircuts (though not the way I like them), intense advice on what to wear (not that I get a choice), aftershave and eau-de-cologne (never the one I would have chosen) and reminders to take my medications at the correct time (at 75 who isn’t taking at least one pill a day?).
    But I have to confess that after 38 years and counting I’m happy and content with my lot!
    Wendy, I love you.

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    1. Chris, So lovely to hear from you. It’s tough at our ages, (I’m 79 next month), but you do learn to do roughly what you’re told. I’m on statins and mostly remember. Let me know your news when you get a moment. Are you still in Yeovil?


  2. Poor Daryl,

    What a dreadful story and just when Rachel and I thought it couldn’t get any worse – it just did! It brings clearly to mind a barber that I encountered when I worked as a Senior Registrar in Birmingham. His salon was known throughout the dental hospital as “The Van Gogh”. He had the untrustworthy habit of getting carried away, particularly when brandishing what we used to know as a cut–throat razor. I am sure it would have done ears as well. It used to come over him quite suddenly – he would become lightfooted and start dancing around his victim with obvious glee in his eyes. Like you, stepping outside again into St Chads Circus (I think it was) came as a relief, particularly on finding both ears safe and intact. Funny things, memories….. With very best wishes, and to Anita, from Richard and Rachel

    Sent from my iPhone 07889 024410


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    1. Hi Richard, thankyou so much for your kindnesses. It’s a great privilege to be involved again with Eurovision, though it’s a sad time to have been betrayed by someone you trusted deeply. So far rge Charity Commission is standing back and watching from afar. I hope to keep it that way. God bless you both.


      1. Dear Daryl,

        I am sure that all those of us in Eurovision are more than grateful that you have once again been prepared to bless us and protect us with your wisdom and great experience.

        It is so great to have you on board and with us in the true spirit of Easter, as we going forward together in such rough waters, but with Jesus in the boat.

        May God bless you very greatly.

        With love and best wishes

        Richard and Rachel

        Sent from my iPhone 07889 024410



      2. Dear Daryl,
        The privilege is entirely ours. Eurovision needs your ever-expert wisdom and perspective at this particular time. Yes, life can have its disappointments and betrayals. Together again as a team I strongly believe we shall come though unscathed, with Jesus is in our boat. He is not scared of waves….


  3. Daryl so glad you are back…missed your comments on life…as you know Angela cuts my hair…hope she does not find out about this…we have enought issues with candles in our house…let alone burning tar



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