A Day in my Life

One of my grandsons is about to undergo training to become a barber. The barber I've been using is a sadist. He claims to be from Turkey, He may be just saying that of course. When I started going to him he would give me a pretty decent haircut, then he would proceed without any... Continue Reading →

My Journey Through Lent

I’ve never much bothered about Lent and the practise of giving something up hoping that somehow this small sacrifice will bring me closer to God. With the whole world caught up in so much darkness and despair right now, perhaps I need to rethink my whole approach to these 40 days. After Jesus was baptised... Continue Reading →

Listening to My Life

The most enjoyable things about preparing these blogs is to find an appropriate photo and a relevant prayer. A recent blog was accompanied by a donkey and an old rhinocerous, with the question, which one was I? Once upon a time, in a former I was very definitely a rhino, a charging rhino. I'd been... Continue Reading →

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