Donkey (or Old Battered Rhino) For Hire

I’ve finally come to an end of a challenging assignment. My toughest so far by a long long way. 

I mentioned in my last blog that I’d been invited to join the board of a local food bank, saying ‘this would be like a walk in the park’. ‘You wish’, responded the CEO. I hope I don’t have to eat my words. Early signs at the first board meeting I attended are good though. I particularly liked the way the chair of the board talked about looking after staff and paying them more than the minimum wage, ‘because that would send out the wrong signal’. 

I found this refreshing after being involved with another charity where the staff were pretty much all on the minimum wage, whilst the CEO and his wife lived high on the hog. (If I told you their package you’d not believe it; I have to scale it back to make it believable.)

Also the way the staff and trustees interacted was also refreshing. Lots of appreciation and interest. I need some healing from my recent experiences and being around normal people is a welcome tonic for me. I know none of us is normal but you know what I mean.  

I’m ready for the next assignment. If your charity needs help looking into things, complaints, allegations of wrongdoing, losing your way generally, or any other red flags, let me know. Be warned though; I follow the facts and go where the evidence leads me, looking out for any hotspots along the way. I know I look cuddly; that’s a weight problem. Inside I’m lean and and mean, and a bit hungry. 

What else is new? I finally jumped on the band wagon and bought an air fryer. The one I chose was under £50, but came second in the DT’s top ten. They all seem to do pretty much the same thing so why spend hundreds on a lot of fancy controls, and I didn’t want a big one cluttering up the kitchen. Good choice. I enjoy using it, and finding out its capabilities.

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Prayer for Guidance

Keep us on your path, Lord

For it is a safer one to follow,

And though the going at times

Seems tough, with you as guide

We are far less likely to stumble,

More able to take in the view,

Help others we meet on the way

And walk together in Friendship,

Towards our chosen destination.

John Birch

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