Thoughts from sunny but windy Cornwall

We’ve been resting up in a lodge in deepest Cornwall this last week. Visited the seals at Godrevy Point, immersing ourselves into the sights and sounds of a part of the country we all love. Today sadly was marred by a most unfortunate incident. Millie does not like wind or rain. It’s been windy for a couple of days. Millie, taken outside to do her business would seek out the closest patch of grass, perform and run inside fast. Plenty of wees but no poos. I wasn’t surprised when, getting out of the shower today, my dear wife informs me that she has performed on the lounge carpet. Armed with kitchen roll I approached the offending pile which was extensive. On my way I gave Millie a good scolding. She’d been given a chicken treat which I indignantly snatched off her. She regarded me with a puzzled frown. ‘What madness is he into now’ she said very clearly (with her eyes of course).

Gathering myself together I picked it up, only to find it was trick poo which Arabelle, aged 9, coming on 15, had put there. I then had to endure the mocking of my wife, and her parents Ruth and Andrew, who clearly have no idea how to bring up a child. I now need to restore my relationship with Millie, though she’s easily bought off with extra treats. I will be avenged on Arabelle as soon as I can dream up a sufficiently brutal punishment. 

On a sad note we have just said our goodbyes to Rosemary Pavey-Snell, a dear and much missed family member. Around a hundred of us gathered together in a local community hall. People lined up to share how much difference she had made to their lives. This included a moving video message from Kenya where she did so much good work, teaching the  Christian counselling courses she had developed. 

This last few weeks when I go into the kitchen to prepare the evening meal I’ve been playing on a loop a Zach Williams song on my iPad. I dedicate it now to dear Rosemary. Bearing in mind the wider situation in Europe right now which is going to get worse before it gets better I hope it resonates with my readers as much as it does with me

“Face To Face”  Sung by Zach Williams

I’m a traveler far from home
I get lost but I press on
There’s a mansion in streets of gold
Where I belong

There’s a day coming soon
Where the old will be made new
And Heaven’s glory shines like the morning
Before our eyes

When we all see Jesus
When we all see Jesus
No more sickness, no more madness, no more pain
When we all see Jesus face to face

Then we will sing with angel voices
There will be a great rejoicing
Holy holy, worthy worthy
Is the Lamb.

When we all see Jesus
Yes, when we all see Jesus
No more sickness, no more madness, no more pain
When we all see Jesus face to face

 Farewell Rosemary. ‘All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.’

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts from sunny but windy Cornwall

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  1. I am sure the Lord will be saying “Well done good and faithful servant” to your friend.

    As for yourdaughter’s stunt, as a mother of 3 (now grown up), i feel your pain!!! I recall fake snakes and spiders appearing when i least expected it. I wonder if there is an organization for parents who have been traumatised by their kids!!!😁😁😁😁


    1. Well, as you know, there wasn’t really any pain. When you get to my age you’ve made a fool of yourself far too many times for it to be a pain! But I’m duty bound to respond in kind. The spider thing might work. I do appreciate your comments.


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