On Being a Good Listener

All this talk about royalty reminded me of the time I met William and Harry some years ago. They were patrons of a charity we’d set up and they attended a reception in London laid on to raise its profile and hopefully get some money coming in. There were probably eighty of us by the... Continue Reading →

Judge Not

Most days Millie takes us to her preferred park, favoured mainly because of the squirrel population which she likes to keep on their toes. We’ve got to know the regulars. This particular morning we exchanged greetings with a local dog walker we’d got to know. A young man with 2 dogs, one off the lead... Continue Reading →

Listening to My Life

The most enjoyable things about preparing these blogs is to find an appropriate photo and a relevant prayer. A recent blog was accompanied by a donkey and an old rhinocerous, with the question, which one was I? Once upon a time, in a former I was very definitely a rhino, a charging rhino. I'd been... Continue Reading →

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