Trustees in Trouble

Some years ago I did some work with a Baptist minister who had got himself rather tucked up. The church ran a pre-school. It was growing quickly and a decision was made to spin it off into an independent charity. At that stage they should have got advice, which would have pointed them to a... Continue Reading →

A New Year Reflection:

There's a time to give and a time to receive: • a time to breathe in and a time to breathe out• a time to wake up and a time to go to sleep• a time to speed up and a time to stop• a time to speak and a time to listen• a time... Continue Reading →

Simplicity Through Subtraction

My job in these fast changing times is to come up with solutions to the many and varied problems our clients face. Most weeks, someone desperate for help writes in with a long and detailed description of the crisis currently being faced. In my insecurity my first response is usually to panic; ‘how on earth... Continue Reading →

The opportunities ahead

I like to keep an eye on what Mary Portas is sharing these days; a beacon of optimism amidst the encircling media gloom. Goodbye, she says to boring chains of shops and hotels. Hello, spaces and places of creativity that feed the soul rather than sell us more stuff. This is important – the rekindling of creativity.... Continue Reading →

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